Premier offers warehousing at each of our three locations. Our facilities are neat, clean, and secure with large doors that allow us to drive inside for loading in inclement weather. At each facility we have forklifts with over 60,000 pounds of lifting capacity and boom attachments for top lifting when needed. By carefully using two forklifts together we safely handle machines up to 100,000 pounds.


“Premier’s service and equipment are second to none in the field of specialized transportation.”

Ross Manna

Traffic Manager, Yamazen, Inc.

Did You Know?

Bobtailing is the term used when a truck is driving WITHOUT the trailer attached. This is very dangerous especially in wet weather but obviously must be done at times.


Q: Who insures the cargo when it is in your warehouse?

A: If we run into, drop, or otherwise mishandle your cargo then our insurance will pay to repair or replace it. You insure it for all other losses including fire, flood, etc. Our warehouses are fenced and monitored by alarm systems. There is additional information at the bottom of this page.

Q: Are your facilities heated? 
A: Our facilities in Illinois and North Carolina are heated. It is not necessary at our California location.

Q: Does Premier offer Customs Bonded storage?
A: Premier currently offers customs bonded storage at our CA location. The Il and NC locations have been approved for bonded storage. They are not operational at this time but can be reinstated should the need arise. Please see our page on Customs Bonded services.

Important Terms & Limits of Liability

STORAGE: All goods for storage shall arrive properly marked and properly packaged for normal handling. Storage charges are in accordance with separate, specific agreement between Premier and Customer. Unless otherwise agreed to, storage will be billed by the month and any portion of a month will be billed as at least one half month. All accounts of customer must be paid in full before last stored items are removed.

HANDLING: Handling charges are in accordance with separate, specific agreement between Premier and Customer. Handling charges only include normal movement into and out of the storage area. Any other additional handling or other work will be at a separate, additional rate to be negotiated between Premier and customer. Any work requested or required before or after normal working hours may result in an additional charge.

DELIVERY OF GOODS: No goods shall be released, delivered, or transferred except upon receipt by Premier of complete written instructions, properly signed by an authorized representative of the customer. Customer is responsible for providing and updating a list of such authorized persons. If goods are delivered upon instructions of customer by telephone or in person, Premier will not be held responsible for loss or error occasioned thereby.

WAREHOUSE LIABILITY: Premier assumes no responsibility for any loss or injury to the goods stored which could not have been avoided by the exercise of reasonable care by a reasonably careful person, using proper equipment and procedures. Goods are stored at depositors’ risk of loss or damage by acts of god, seizure or other acts of civil or military insurrection, riot, strike, enemies of the government, or other situations beyond the control of Premier. Premier will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to improper packaging or normal wear and tare. Premier will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to fire, flood, sprinkler leakage, explosion, wind, earthquake, or any other natural causes. Premier will not be responsible for loss or damages due to temperature or humidity. Premier will not be responsible for hidden or concealed damage and under no circumstances will Premier be responsible for consequential or incidental damages or loss of profit. Claims will be limited to reasonable repair or replacement in accordance with the terms and limits of Premier’s insurance. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Premier will not be required to insure depositors’ goods for losses described above and such coverage, if requested, will generate a separate additional expense. Premier is not responsible for loss due to theft, however Premier will exercise all reasonable care in providing safe, secure, and properly maintained facilities.