Premier has over 100 specialized trailers to meet your shipping needs. All trailers have air ride suspension, are in top condition, and are inspected regularly for maximum safety and reliability. Here are some examples.

These are the lightest and most common of open style trailers on the road. They are also the tallest and can only handle freight approximately 8 feet tall. Premier maintains a small number of these trailers to use when required, but the height of our cargo usually calls for a single or double drop.

Typical cargo weight allowed: 44,000 to 46,000 pounds

Single Drops:
This is our most commonly used trailer. They are relatively lightweight (allowing more cargo capacity), can transport cargo approximately 10 feet tall, and still have approximately 37 feet of straight deck. These trailers are typically 42″ in height but Premier has many at 36″ height. The spread axles help distribute cargo weight more evenly.
The majority of these trailers are 48’ in length as shown, but Premier also has 53’ trailers when needed. Premier has both steel and aluminum single drops; with the aluminum trailers being lighter and allowing for more cargo weight.

Typical cargo weight allowed: 40,000 to 45,000 pounds

Did You Know?

The length of time to stop an eighteen-wheeler is 40% greater than that of an automobile. Depending on the weight of their load, whether they are bobtailing, road conditions, and other factors. To be sure, it takes a much greater time to stop than an automobile. Trucks only have 10 brakes NOT eighteen. Recently manufactured trucks are now required to have anti-lock brakes.

“Premier’s service and equipment are second to none in the field of specialized transportation.”




Ross Manna

Traffic Manager, Yamazen, Inc.