At our Charlotte, NC and Elgin, IL facilities we offer our own machinery moving services. Premier can move your machine into or out of a show room or factory floor. From a single small machine to a mid-sized plant move, we can provide you with an experienced, knowledgeable team using modern, clean equipment. We'll be in and out of your facility with minimal disruption while providing safe and efficient service.

In the Los Angeles area, we work with a number of reputable rigging companies. We can provide you with a referral or handle the arrangements for you. We can also suggest reputable rigging companies in most major industrial areas.


“Premier is our #1 source for all of our rigging and trucking needs. Their prices are reasonable and they are always reliable. Having an all in one company makes moving our equipment seamless.”
Laura Olvera
Office Manager
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Did You Know?

Eighteen wheeler drivers use a “double-clutch” technique for shifting. It is much different to drive a truck compared to a car with a standard transmission. In a car the rpm's match up and in a truck they do not therefore the clutch is depressed and then depressed again to “match” the gears with the rpm's. Most drivers use what they call “floating” which does NOT use the clutch at all except to start and stop. “Floating” is an acquired skill that takes some practice to get used to. “Floating” gears saves fuel (when done properly) and saves wear and tear on the equipment. “Floating” is the preferred method.